Healthy Food You Can Pair With Tea


Tea is not just known for its antioxidant properties. It’s also not just known for its health benefits like boosting one’s immune system. It’s even not just known for its other benefits like managing one’s weight.

Tea is also known to bring out a food’s taste quite well, which helps one to fully experience any kind of tea at its best. Food is even known to bring out a tea’s characteristic quite well, which helps one to fully experience any kind of food at its best.

That being said, here are some types of healthy food you can pair with tea:


Bread is well-known to be made from enriched flour, which comes with a number of vitamins and minerals – including thiamine (B1), which helps develop one’s nervous system; riboflavin (B2), which helps boost one’s energy; niacin (B3), which helps reduce one’s cholesterol level; and folate (B9), which helps repair one’s DNA. It’s also a good source of iron, which helps the body produce enough hemoglobin (red blood cell). Paired with tea, the health benefits of bread will not just be limited to providing vitamins and minerals.

TIP: You can make your own bread – or more specifically, wheat bread – with a bread machine like those seen on This is best paired with green tea, which helps release both the bread’s mild flavor and the tea’s fruity flavor.


Seafood is well-known to be good sources of vitamin A, which helps improve one’s vision and skin; vitamin D, which helps strengthen one’s bones and teeth; phosphorous, which helps detoxify one’s body; magnesium, which helps calm one’s nerves; and selenium, which helps normalize one’s thyroid. It’s also a great source of omega-3, which helps the body prevent heart diseases caused by high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Paired with tea, the health benefits of seafood will not just be limited to these aforementioned health benefits.

TIP: You can pair off light oolong tea with steamed fish dishes like those with scallops and lobsters, which helps bring out the ocean’s flavors: salty, yet syrupy. You can also pair off dark oolong tea with grilled fish dishes like those with salmon and trout, which helps bring out the ocean’s rather exquisite flavors: toasty, yet tasty.

What types of healthy food do you pair with tea? What kind of food taste have you experienced with tea? What kind of tea characteristic have you experienced with food? Share them with us below!


4 Ways to Keep You Inspired

Life is full of surprises. You’ll never know what’s coming. That makes life more challenging.

Inspiration is what makes us feel motivated and satisfied in life.  We are more likely to become weak and unable to do our best without an inspiration.

So, to help you find your inspiration or keep you inspired. Let’s tackle some ways to keep yourself inspired.

Don’t over think


Try not to overthink too much.

Inspirations come in surprises. Worrying about what or who could inspire won’t help you find what you’re looking for. Stop the worry and begin a new adventure.

Break daily routine

Daily routine restricts us from exploring a new journey. You’ll never find something inspirational if you don’t break the routine. Explore and learn more about what you don’t know.

Learn new things

As you gain more knowledge, you’ll understand more things. Having enough knowledge may keep you inspired. Thoughts and ideas that you acquired can help you understand what would inspire you.

Communicate with other people

One of the best things to do to keep yourself inspired is to communicate with the right people. People that has the same interest and passion will help you get ideas and inspiration. So, start going and communicate with the right people to help you keep inspired.

As I have previously said, having no inspirations may make us incapable to do our best. Inspirations come and go, but doing these will help you find it easily. To simply put, communicate frequently, explore more, and learn new things.

Fill Your Stomach

It’s pretty hard thinking about anything with an empty stomach.

Fill your body with nutritious foods like peanuts, fish, veggies, fruits and lean meat.

Don’t forget about the beverage. What’s the best way to start your day other than coffee? It keeps you awake and feeling alive! Find out how many times can you reuse a keurig k cup here.

Top Reasons Why Chai Tea is Good for You


Chai tea is not only a delicious drink. It also has loads of properties that you can’t get from artificial beverages. It may even have more beneficial effects than coffee because of the many excellent properties it contains. Apart from black tea, chai is made using spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Each of these spices carries properties associated with certain health benefits. The following are some of the beneficial effects of drinking chai tea:

Less caffeine than coffee

Like coffee, chai tea is a great drink to have if you need a boost of energy. But it does the job for less the caffeine a cup of coffee packs. This makes it a good option if you want more stimulation without worrying about crashing once the effects of caffeine wear down.

Rich in antioxidants

Some of the spices used in making chai tea such as black pepper, cardamom, and ginger have antioxidants that are said to have beneficial effects in preventing certain types of cancer. Antioxidants are also excellent in maintaining heart health.

Supports digestion

Drinking chai tea is said to aid in digestion. Certain properties found in black peppers help digestive functions which makes it easier and faster to process heavy foods.

Reduce inflammation

Antioxidants found in teas typically aids in reducing inflammation. And chai tea is no exception. In fact, ginger which can be found in chai tea is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. This makes this drink an excellent choice if you want to manage or prevent the onset of arthritis.

Improves metabolism

Chai tea is made with several spices, each of which has its own health benefits. Spices have been known to help in boosting metabolism. Drinking a cup of chai tea likewise helps in preventing hunger pangs that usually lead to more eating in between meals. This makes it an excellent choice of beverage if you want to manage your weight and improve your metabolism.

5 Best Foods to Pair with Chai Tea

A cup of chai tea is a treat in itself. For this reason, sipping a cup of the delicious brew is an integral part of my day. But if there is one thing that elevates the experience for me, it would be having something equally good to eat with it. While there is no shortage of scrumptious food to find if needed, picking the ones that pair best with chai tea can be a challenge for the unfamiliar. Thankfully, with a bit of experimenting and a lot of listening to sage advice from other tea lovers, I’ve discovered what I think are make some of the best pairings.

1. Cakes
I have a sweet tooth so I’m happy to say that the unique flavors of chai teas pair well with sweet treats like desserts. I initially thought that the combination can be overwhelming. But I was pleasantly surprised that the pairing worked well beyond the first bite and sip. I like a chocolate cake or anything that has a more chocolate taste in it.

2. Chocolate
I love chocolates so this is another win-win for me. I usually go for milk chocolate. For some reason, it seems bring out the flavors of the chai tea more and vice versa. I find this delicious pairing simple and incredibly addictive.

3. Cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon rolls are sweet and sinful. And they are on my list of favorite treats to go with chai tea. I was initially hesitant to give this combination given that the cinnamon roll I usually go for can be thick and extremely sweet. I thought that all the flavors would clash and ruin the tea experience for me. But the result was far from what I expected it to be. A piece of this dessert is actually quite good paired with chai tea.

4. Scones
Scones have long been constant fixtures in British afternoon teas. The delicious pastry likewise pairs great with chai tea. Not as sweet as chocolate cake, but it still packs a punch when paired with the rich and exotic flavors of chai tea.

5. Semi-hard cheeses
Semi-hard cheeses seem to work well in balancing with the spicy hints of chai tea. I usually keep a stash of cheddar or Gouda cheese for my teatime indulgences. I also have a liking for Swiss cheese when paired with tea. I enjoy nibbling on cheese and taking small sips of chai tea while immersed in a good book – a most relaxing activity in my view.

The Best Travel Destinations for Tea Lovers


Tea is deeply embedded in the culture of many countries in the world. It has been part of many people’s daily life for hundreds of years. As drinking tea becomes more popular around the globe, more people are drawn to the extensive selections of brews to choose from. Not only are teas steeped with potential health benefits. The process of brewing them or just the act of drinking a cup of tea can also be a soothing experience. For travelers who love a good cup of tea, here are some of the best places to visit to find the finest brews:

1. China

The tea scene in China can be traced as far back as the ancient times. Its tea traditions have been well preserved in the span of thousands of years. There is no dearth of places to find tea in the country. Black, green, and white teas abound. There are also a wide variety of floral teas for those for tea lovers to choose from. Hangzhou is one of the most notable tea destinations in the country. If you are traveling to the city, make time for a visit at the Hangzhou Tea Museum set against the backdrop of a scenic field teeming with tea plants.

2. India

Home of the famous chai tea, India is the best place to enjoy the delicious concoction. And you need not go or look far to get yourself a cup. Chai tea is quite common in the country. You can practically find it almost everywhere. If you want to immerse more on India’s tea culture, head to Darjeeling where you can find vast tea plantations set in the midst of breathtaking views.

3. Japan

Like China and India, Japan has a deeply-rooted tradition surrounding tea. The country has some of the finest green teas in the world. It is also home to the famous Matcha which has even become more popular in recent years. The powdered green tea not only makes a delicious drink. It is also become a popular ingredient for many treats like matcha-flavored chocolates, ice cream, and pastries among many others. Visit Uji and Kyoto for a memorable tea experience and make sure to take part in one of Japan’s unique and beautiful traditions – the tea ceremony.

4. Morocco

Morocco is not only known for its mint tea. The ceremony behind preparing tea is likewise one of the best reasons to visit the place for a tea experience. The rituals behind the preparation of tea is said to have been passed down in families.

6. Turkey

Turkey is a haven for tea lovers. Many of the countries people are tea drinkers. And most of them have more than two cups per day. It is normal for locals to offer tea to guests not just in homes but also in some inns and shops.

7. United Kingdom

The British have long been known to be tea lovers. A visit to London is perhaps one of the best times to enjoy an afternoon tea. You can even find a cafe that offers an amazing afternoon tea experience complete with the finest cup of tea and a wide selection of sandwiches and scones set in the midst of a picturesque garden with a breathtaking view of a palace nearby.

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