Delighting Yourself In Tea Even More


Let’s face it.

It has always been hard for some people to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. There are chores at home to think about on a quarter hour basis and kids catching the bus in time for the general meeting. There are also reports at work to think about on a half hour basis and clients catching the point in time for the contract signing.

But let’s also face it.

It has always been easy for other people to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. There are no chores at home to think about every quarter of the hour and kids catching the bus in time for the general meeting. There are also no reports at work to think about every half of the hour and clients catching the point in time for the contract signing.

Now, you might ask: How can other people do it?

Well, it all starts with a healthy drink called tea.

You see, tea is not just great for those who would like to keep themselves physically healthy. It’s also great for those who would like to keep themselves healthy from the inside, thanks to tea’s anti-inflammatory properties that also helps boost one’s immunity from critical diseases on hand.

And well, it all starts with a fit drink called tea.

You see, tea is not just great for those who would like to keep themselves mentally fit. It’s also great for those who would like to keep themselves fit from the outside, thanks to tea’s antioxidant properties that helps boost one’s energy for heavy tasks at hand.

Even more so, you can delight yourself in tea even more as you:

Go D.I.Y.

It could be something easy as fixing a hole in your bedroom wall by painting something that resembles the Milky Way around it. It could also be something hard as making a partition for your bedroom cabinet by molding something that resembles the Iron Throne with it. Tea will not just help you boost that energy of yours to do these and more, but also help you boost that creativity of yours to do these and more awesomely than usual. Just one reminder, though. Don’t forget to equip yourself with a welding mask as you work on the said partition for added safety from allergens a person might inhale unknowingly.

How about you?

How do you delight yourself in tea even more?

Do you know any other ways one can delight himself in tea even more? Let us know in the comments section below!

Marijuana buds

How to Make a Marijuana-Infused Tea

Teas infused with marijuana are becoming the talk of the town these days, and they owe that popularity to their therapeutic benefits. Compared to traditional smoking, marijuana-infused teas have a longer build because our bodies can absorb liquid faster. Before you proceed, I suggest you study The life cycle of a cannabis plant first.

You have to know that there are different methods to make cannabis tea. Here they are:

  • Dry flowers and water – This is generally less psychoactive because the THC isn’t water-soluble
  • Marijuana with fat (butter, dairy, or coconut oil) plus tea leaves and water – This is used to make a latte-type or chai drink. The fat helps extract THC.
  • Regular tea leaves and water – The water is heated with an alcohol-based extraction like a tincture.

Also, If you want to decarboxylate your marijuana using a heating method before you add it to the tea, bear in mind that the temperature and optimal time for decarboxylation depend on the following factors:

  • How much product you use
  • The amount of moisture in the product
  • The type of oven you own

I know you’re hyped up, so let’s get this started. This recipe is good for one cup of tea.


  • Cup/mug
  • Spoon
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Tea strainer


  • Marijuana buds1/2 g. of marijuana buds
  • 1/2 tsp. of unsalted, softened butter
  • 5 c. / 400ml of water
  • Optional: Tea bag (any flavor of your choice, I recommend mint)
  • Optional: Milk, sugar or honey for taste


  1. Grind the buds. Take out the stems and place them aside. You could use them for another tea recipe, you know.
  2. Put the ground buds in a bowl. Add the butter and carefully blend them using the back portion of a spoon. Make sure every piece is coated with a bit of butter.
  3. Slowly pour the water into a stove top pot and set the stove on medium heat, bringing it to a simmer.
  4. Gently add the marijuana and butter mixture into the pot.
  5. Let the water simmer and brew the tea for half an hour, stirring it many a time.
  6. Remove the pot from your stove and let it sit for a moment until the bubbles have stopped breaking the surface.
  7. Use your strainer to pour the tea into your favorite cup and enjoy!

Bonus Recipe

Remember the stems I told you to set aside? You can use them to make a tea with less intoxicating effects and milder taste! Just simmer one to two grams of stems, leaves, or both in 1.5 cups of water for half an hour, strain them, and voila! Another marijuana-infused tea!

Fun Activities You Can Enjoy With Tea


Tea is probably the world’s healthiest drink.

With its antioxidant properties and other features that help boost one’s immune system or even manage one’s weight, it’s not surprising anymore for tea becoming an official substitute for coffee.

Thus, it’s only right for you to do fun activities while enjoying a cup of tea. Moreover, it’s not just for you to revitalize before working the entire day, refresh after working for straight hours, or relax after working the entire day. It’s also for you to keep yourself healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That being said, here are some fun activities you can enjoy with tea:


You don’t need to go far just to see birds fly in the sky, spontaneously flying high or graciously flying down. You also don’t need to go far just to see birds dance in the sky, graciously by itself or spontaneously with others. You only need to have a scope (like those found in, you facing the open window of your home, and you drinking a cup of tea while facing the open window of your home. You can also do this fun activity while having breakfast at your home’s veranda, for added inspiration before starting your day; or while having dinner at your home’s patio, for added relaxation before ending your day.


Whether you’re doing some artworks in the form of painting or making some craftworks in the form of sculpting, nothing compares having tea beside you – lighting up your mind with fresh ideas and creative inspirations. It’s one great way to beat any kind of stress you’re having after doing artworks, as well as making craftworks, for straight hours. It’s also one great way to beat any kind of distress, after doing artworks, as well as making craftworks, for straight days. As mentioned before, tea has antioxidant properties – helping one not just to be physically fit (good skin, shiny hair), but also mentally fit (radical-free, toxin-free) and emotionally fit (less mood swings).

These are only some fun activities you can enjoy with tea. Always remember, tea goes with pretty much anything you do – so long as you observe your limits physically (when doing things that require your body to be conditioned like running two hours per day), mentally (when doing things that require your mind to be alert like studying for your Math exam), and emotionally (when doing things that require your heart to be strong like watching a very sad movie).

Do you know any other fun activities a person can enjoy with tea? Let us know in the comments section below!

Green tea

Green Tea Vs. Green Juice: Which is Better?

With the ongoing and overwhelming debates circulating everywhere, choosing becomes difficult. But what is more advantageous? Or the better question would be, is there even a dominant drink here? Let’s find out!

For starters, green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves. They started becoming popular thanks to China and Japan. Here are the benefits of drinking green tea:

Excellent source of antioxidants

Green tea is packed with polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins. These antioxidants help protect the cells and molecules from free radicals that cause various diseases.

Reduces numerous diseases including cancer

A cup of green tea contains 20 to 35 mg of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which can help lower your chances of having cancers such as breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer. Also, green tea’s EGCG can speed up weight loss by 77%, according to the Tufts University.

Green tea

Reduces your chances of coronary artery

Drinking five cups of green tea in a day can lessen your chances of having coronary artery disease by 16%. Once again, this is because of the EGCG that helps prevent the building up of fat in the arteries.

Lowers your risk of having Type II Diabetes

A Japanese study found that people who drank green tea more had a 42% chance of developing type II diabetes. That’s because green tea can improve the sensitivity of insulin and decrease blood sugar levels.

Obviously, green tea is one healthy drink. How about green juice then?

Green juice is naturally made from green fruits and vegetables, unlike the processed juices we see in grocery stores (which are loaded with sugars, by the way). Juicing healthy fruits and veggies isn’t difficult to do, especially since Juicing guides are made readily available nowadays. Favorite vegetables used for green juice are broccoli stems, Swiss chard, kale, cucumber, spinach, cucumber, and fennel. On the other hand, popular green fruits are grapes, pears, apples, avocados, and honeydew melons. So what are the benefits?

Friendly to children

With green juice, it’s now possible for your kids (and even you) to get the nutrients you need from green veggies.

Green juiceBoosts your immune system

Thanks to the combined powers of fruits and vegetables in a single drink, your immune system can be stronger than ever, able to fight diseases and viruses with their vitamins and minerals.

Provides oxygen

Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is a great source of oxygen for the body. It also releases stored toxins.

Cleanses the lungs, liver, and digestive system

Green veggies are jam-packed with vitamins A and C especially broccoli, kale, and spinach. Vitamin A can help the body fight viruses while vitamin C can help lower your chances of cancer.

So is there a better beverage? The answer is no. They’re both nutritious–I mean–just look at all those benefits! The list goes on and on. There’s no need to compare the two. Besides, no one said you couldn’t get the best of both worlds! Just drink green juice in the morning and green tea at night. Problem solved!

Reasons Why Tea is Perfect for Athletes

If you have no idea what tea is, you probably don’t live on earth because in this humble planet, it’s the second most consumed beverage. Most young people ignore the importance of tea for the body because it’s believed only to be taken by Englishmen and old ladies. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s perfect for athletes. Here are the reasons:

Tea hydrates like water

Volleyball at the 2012 Summer OlympicsThose who play sports need to be hydrated always. If not, they might experience fatigue and cramps while playing. If you’re an athlete, you wouldn’t want to end up on the waiting bench, right? Drinking water might be a bit dull, especially for young players but that is where tea comes in. It has the same hydrating properties as water but with flavor. Although it’s not as flavorful as juice or soda, it still is more beneficial. After all, juices and sodas are full of sugar so drinking them all the time isn’t good for the health.

Tea provides enough stimulation

Sodas don’t only contain significant amounts of sugar, but they also contain lots of caffeine and additives. Tea, on the other hand, also has sugar and caffeine, but the contents are much lower. In result, tea can provide sufficient stimulation for the athlete which is perfect even if he needs to play sports at 5:30 in the morning before going to school. Green tea is ideal for rehydration after practice too. Besides, too much sugar and caffeine will only provide energy for a while and lead to crashes. It’s safe to drink tea, then, because not only can it give an athlete sufficient boost; it can also increase his or her endurance. Tea also burns fat for energy by focusing on the storage of fat instead of glycogen (storage of carbohydrates).

Tea prevents diseases

Tennis ball and tennis racket

Diseases are the enemies of those who play sports. Thanks to tea which contains a strong antioxidant called catechins, athletes can stay away from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis. Drinking tea even strengthens dental health, improves the immune system, prevents diabetes, reduces chances of obesity, and lowers cholesterol levels. Need I say more? It’s obviously the second magical drink after water.

Tea is affordable and convenient

Athletes need to upgrade their gear once in a while, which can be costly. Unlike sodas and juices, tea is easy to make and can be made in large quantities. More importantly, they’re cheap! Whether he prefers white, black, or green tea, they all have similar benefits. However, athletes have to be careful about herbal tea. It’s not what most people think it is. Because it’s not made from the Camellia sinensis plant, it’s not technically tea. It’s a combination of fruits, flowers, herbs, and seeds so don’t expect it to have the same benefits as the traditional tea we’re talking about here.

Black tea

Haven’t had enough? Learn more about fitness in

Healthy Food You Can Pair With Tea


Tea is not just known for its antioxidant properties. It’s also not just known for its health benefits like boosting one’s immune system. It’s even not just known for its other benefits like managing one’s weight.

Tea is also known to bring out a food’s taste quite well, which helps one to fully experience any kind of tea at its best. Food is even known to bring out a tea’s characteristic quite well, which helps one to fully experience any kind of food at its best.

That being said, here are some types of healthy food you can pair with tea:


Bread is well-known to be made from enriched flour, which comes with a number of vitamins and minerals – including thiamine (B1), which helps develop one’s nervous system; riboflavin (B2), which helps boost one’s energy; niacin (B3), which helps reduce one’s cholesterol level; and folate (B9), which helps repair one’s DNA. It’s also a good source of iron, which helps the body produce enough hemoglobin (red blood cell). Paired with tea, the health benefits of bread will not just be limited to providing vitamins and minerals.

TIP: You can make your own bread – or more specifically, wheat bread – with a bread machine like those seen on This is best paired with green tea, which helps release both the bread’s mild flavor and the tea’s fruity flavor.


Seafood is well-known to be good sources of vitamin A, which helps improve one’s vision and skin; vitamin D, which helps strengthen one’s bones and teeth; phosphorous, which helps detoxify one’s body; magnesium, which helps calm one’s nerves; and selenium, which helps normalize one’s thyroid. It’s also a great source of omega-3, which helps the body prevent heart diseases caused by high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Paired with tea, the health benefits of seafood will not just be limited to these aforementioned health benefits.

TIP: You can pair off light oolong tea with steamed fish dishes like those with scallops and lobsters, which helps bring out the ocean’s flavors: salty, yet syrupy. You can also pair off dark oolong tea with grilled fish dishes like those with salmon and trout, which helps bring out the ocean’s rather exquisite flavors: toasty, yet tasty.

What types of healthy food do you pair with tea? What kind of food taste have you experienced with tea? What kind of tea characteristic have you experienced with food? Share them with us below!


4 Ways to Keep You Inspired

Life is full of surprises. You’ll never know what’s coming. That makes life more challenging.

Inspiration is what makes us feel motivated and satisfied in life.  We are more likely to become weak and unable to do our best without an inspiration.

So, to help you find your inspiration or keep you inspired. Let’s tackle some ways to keep yourself inspired.

Don’t over think


Try not to overthink too much.

Inspirations come in surprises. Worrying about what or who could inspire won’t help you find what you’re looking for. Stop the worry and begin a new adventure.

Break daily routine

Daily routine restricts us from exploring a new journey. You’ll never find something inspirational if you don’t break the routine. Explore and learn more about what you don’t know.

Learn new things

As you gain more knowledge, you’ll understand more things. Having enough knowledge may keep you inspired. Thoughts and ideas that you acquired can help you understand what would inspire you.

Communicate with other people

One of the best things to do to keep yourself inspired is to communicate with the right people. People that has the same interest and passion will help you get ideas and inspiration. So, start going and communicate with the right people to help you keep inspired.

As I have previously said, having no inspirations may make us incapable to do our best. Inspirations come and go, but doing these will help you find it easily. To simply put, communicate frequently, explore more, and learn new things.

Fill Your Stomach

It’s pretty hard thinking about anything with an empty stomach.

Fill your body with nutritious foods like peanuts, fish, veggies, fruits and lean meat.

Don’t forget about the beverage. What’s the best way to start your day other than coffee? It keeps you awake and feeling alive! Find out how many times can you reuse a keurig k cup here.

Top Reasons Why Chai Tea is Good for You


Chai tea is not only a delicious drink. It also has loads of properties that you can’t get from artificial beverages. It may even have more beneficial effects than coffee because of the many excellent properties it contains. Apart from black tea, chai is made using spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Each of these spices carries properties associated with certain health benefits. The following are some of the beneficial effects of drinking chai tea:

Less caffeine than coffee

Like coffee, chai tea is a great drink to have if you need a boost of energy. But it does the job for less the caffeine a cup of coffee packs. This makes it a good option if you want more stimulation without worrying about crashing once the effects of caffeine wear down.

Rich in antioxidants

Some of the spices used in making chai tea such as black pepper, cardamom, and ginger have antioxidants that are said to have beneficial effects in preventing certain types of cancer. Antioxidants are also excellent in maintaining heart health.

Supports digestion

Drinking chai tea is said to aid in digestion. Certain properties found in black peppers help digestive functions which makes it easier and faster to process heavy foods.

Reduce inflammation

Antioxidants found in teas typically aids in reducing inflammation. And chai tea is no exception. In fact, ginger which can be found in chai tea is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. This makes this drink an excellent choice if you want to manage or prevent the onset of arthritis.

Improves metabolism

Chai tea is made with several spices, each of which has its own health benefits. Spices have been known to help in boosting metabolism. Drinking a cup of chai tea likewise helps in preventing hunger pangs that usually lead to more eating in between meals. This makes it an excellent choice of beverage if you want to manage your weight and improve your metabolism.

5 Best Foods to Pair with Chai Tea

A cup of chai tea is a treat in itself. For this reason, sipping a cup of the delicious brew is an integral part of my day. But if there is one thing that elevates the experience for me, it would be having something equally good to eat with it. While there is no shortage of scrumptious food to find if needed, picking the ones that pair best with chai tea can be a challenge for the unfamiliar. Thankfully, with a bit of experimenting and a lot of listening to sage advice from other tea lovers, I’ve discovered what I think are make some of the best pairings.

1. Cakes
I have a sweet tooth so I’m happy to say that the unique flavors of chai teas pair well with sweet treats like desserts. I initially thought that the combination can be overwhelming. But I was pleasantly surprised that the pairing worked well beyond the first bite and sip. I like a chocolate cake or anything that has a more chocolate taste in it.

2. Chocolate
I love chocolates so this is another win-win for me. I usually go for milk chocolate. For some reason, it seems bring out the flavors of the chai tea more and vice versa. I find this delicious pairing simple and incredibly addictive.

3. Cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon rolls are sweet and sinful. And they are on my list of favorite treats to go with chai tea. I was initially hesitant to give this combination given that the cinnamon roll I usually go for can be thick and extremely sweet. I thought that all the flavors would clash and ruin the tea experience for me. But the result was far from what I expected it to be. A piece of this dessert is actually quite good paired with chai tea.

4. Scones
Scones have long been constant fixtures in British afternoon teas. The delicious pastry likewise pairs great with chai tea. Not as sweet as chocolate cake, but it still packs a punch when paired with the rich and exotic flavors of chai tea.

5. Semi-hard cheeses
Semi-hard cheeses seem to work well in balancing with the spicy hints of chai tea. I usually keep a stash of cheddar or Gouda cheese for my teatime indulgences. I also have a liking for Swiss cheese when paired with tea. I enjoy nibbling on cheese and taking small sips of chai tea while immersed in a good book – a most relaxing activity in my view.

The Best Travel Destinations for Tea Lovers


Tea is deeply embedded in the culture of many countries in the world. It has been part of many people’s daily life for hundreds of years. As drinking tea becomes more popular around the globe, more people are drawn to the extensive selections of brews to choose from. Not only are teas steeped with potential health benefits. The process of brewing them or just the act of drinking a cup of tea can also be a soothing experience. For travelers who love a good cup of tea, here are some of the best places to visit to find the finest brews:

1. China

The tea scene in China can be traced as far back as the ancient times. Its tea traditions have been well preserved in the span of thousands of years. There is no dearth of places to find tea in the country. Black, green, and white teas abound. There are also a wide variety of floral teas for those for tea lovers to choose from. Hangzhou is one of the most notable tea destinations in the country. If you are traveling to the city, make time for a visit at the Hangzhou Tea Museum set against the backdrop of a scenic field teeming with tea plants.

2. India

Home of the famous chai tea, India is the best place to enjoy the delicious concoction. And you need not go or look far to get yourself a cup. Chai tea is quite common in the country. You can practically find it almost everywhere. If you want to immerse more on India’s tea culture, head to Darjeeling where you can find vast tea plantations set in the midst of breathtaking views.

3. Japan

Like China and India, Japan has a deeply-rooted tradition surrounding tea. The country has some of the finest green teas in the world. It is also home to the famous Matcha which has even become more popular in recent years. The powdered green tea not only makes a delicious drink. It is also become a popular ingredient for many treats like matcha-flavored chocolates, ice cream, and pastries among many others. Visit Uji and Kyoto for a memorable tea experience and make sure to take part in one of Japan’s unique and beautiful traditions – the tea ceremony.

4. Morocco

Morocco is not only known for its mint tea. The ceremony behind preparing tea is likewise one of the best reasons to visit the place for a tea experience. The rituals behind the preparation of tea is said to have been passed down in families.

6. Turkey

Turkey is a haven for tea lovers. Many of the countries people are tea drinkers. And most of them have more than two cups per day. It is normal for locals to offer tea to guests not just in homes but also in some inns and shops.

7. United Kingdom

The British have long been known to be tea lovers. A visit to London is perhaps one of the best times to enjoy an afternoon tea. You can even find a cafe that offers an amazing afternoon tea experience complete with the finest cup of tea and a wide selection of sandwiches and scones set in the midst of a picturesque garden with a breathtaking view of a palace nearby.

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