Get to know your handyman Tools more by reading these three handyman books!

100 Weekend Projects Anyone Can Do

100 weekend projectsThanks to the editors at The Family Handyman, you can make 100 easy and practical projects that will only require your weekend!

This book presents the easy-to-do projects that only need basic tools, precut wood, and easy-to-find materials.

This publication will make you love the idea of building and creating useful pieces of furniture that are fashion-forward. The projects here are realistic, and even beginners will find them fun.

The book also teaches how to build a bookcase, a workbench, garage shelves, and deck chairs. You’ll even learn how to increase your closet space!

Upgrade your woodworking skills with this handyman book!

The Handyman’s Guide

handyman's guide bookAuthored by the genius Paul N. Hasluck, this publication has all the answers to your questions regarding woodworking tools. It also teaches readers how to identify and handle tools.

The book features easy-to-follow techniques for both novices and professionals. It has around accurate 3,000 illustrations, making it easy for anyone to finish DIY projects.

The Handyman’s Guide also has all the information you need to build cabinets, tables, sheds, gates, garden accessories, trellises, porches, etc.

This informative book will make you one heck of a handyman!

Family Handyman Trade Secrets: Fix Your Home Like a Pro!

handyman trade secretsThe editors of Reader’s Digest will impress and inspire you in this book.

This publication has all the info you need to become the skilled handyman you wanted to be. Here, you’ll learn how to install blinds, repair holes, repair walls, sharpen a mower blade, fix a sluggish door, solve paint issues, sand a vast area, build a home theater system, and more. Seriously, all the common repairs and problems you’ve been avoiding can be solved with this book by your side. Reading it will increase your knowledge of tools and other topics related to being a handyman.

The book also boasts of its safe and efficient tips and tricks to complete household projects. The instructions are definitely easy to follow, making the book loved by a lot of individuals, whether a handyman or not